Ambient Activity Technologies

Ambient Activity Technologies, based right here in Midland, has developed ‘ABBY’, a non-pharmaceutical, activity-based approach to managing responsive behaviours in persons living with moderate to severe levels of dementia.

ABBY helps to manage responsive behaviours by providing opportunities for residents living with dementia to self-initiate, engage and interact with personalized stimulation experiences that are familiar and meaningful, to attain a state of calm.



The Results are in!

ABBY’s ability to manage responsive behaviours was assessed in six Long-Term Care homes across Ontario. In a study conducted by the University of Toronto over an eight-month period in 2017, a variety of outcomes, including resident aggression, agitation, depression, cognition, use of anti-psychotic medication, as well as staff strain and family/visitor satisfaction were measured.

Please visit Ambient Activity Technologies and download the evaluation report.

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