Successful social media marketing is all about making connections, but it was the strong community feel and connections that led Assisting You Social to Midland.

Barbara Lowe saw Midland as the ideal place to raise her kids and build her business from the ground up, making strong networking connections with community involvement and support. Barbara’s brother Jim expanded the operations into Barrie, using the “Mom & Pop” feel of the Midland office as a template to serve the social media needs of customers of all sizes and budgets. As their client roster grows, the team continues to provide the personal touch that big-city agencies just don’t have.


EDCNS is about growth, attraction and investment. We are committing a significant amount of energy to tell the story of the many successful business people who have chosen to call North Simcoe home. Through many more exciting and interesting stories like this one, we will feature people enjoying themselves in North Simcoe: visiting, living and establishing their business. We Live It, You’ll Love It!