The Canadian TV Premiere of Bring Her on Home: The Return of the SS Keewatin happens tonight, Monday, February 23rd, 2015 on the CBC Documentary Channel at 7pm.

The SS Keewatin, affectionately known as the Kee, is a time capsule. Built in Clyde, Scotland in 1907, she’s the last of her kind – a Titanic era luxury passenger liner that once plied the Great Lakes between Port McNicoll, Ontario and what is now Thunder Bay. She helped to open up Canada. After Canadian Pacific retired her, she sat in a small town marina in Michigan for 45 years, where tourists and locals could take a tour and gaze in wonder. As the decades passed she became a cherished local icon. People began to see her as more than just a ship with first class cabins and dining room, intricate carved wood paneling and beautiful hand painted glass. She became a living, breathing thing with a heart and soul. As Honorary Captain Eric Conroy brings her home, there is an almost unbelievable outpouring of celebration. Hundreds of small boats form a flotilla to accompany the Kee to her old home.