Assistance & Incentives

Municipal Programs

Below is a list of incentives and programs offered by the municipalities of North Simcoe. The Towns of Midland and Penetanguishene; Townships of Tay and Tiny offer a number of programs for property owners and developers to help offset costs of improvements and conversions of  heritage properties, core area properties and buildings.

Town of Midland
Town of Penetanguishene
Township of Tay
Township of Tiny

Town of Midland

Development Charge Exemptions
The Town of Midland provides the following exemptions from municipal development charges:

  • Buildings for industrial uses. The exemption is matched by the County of Simcoe.
  • Lands zoned Downtown Core Commercial – DC-F2 in the Town of Midland Zoning By-law for all residential and commercial development.
  • For all affordable housing developments by non-profit organizations.

Community Improvement Grants
The Town of Midland operates a Community Improvement Plan for the Downtown that includes three grant programs:

  • Façade Improvement Grant. These grants supplement the Downtown BIA program and are only available in the BIA area.
  • Building Renovation Grant. Provides incentives for the upgrading and rehabilitation of buildings in the Downtown.
  • Application Fees Grant. Provides assistance to owners with financing the cost of the planning process.

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Town of Penetanguishene

The Town of Penetanguishene offers a property tax rebate for eligible heritage properties. The Heritage Property Tax Rebate Program applies to the heritage portion of properties that are designated as having cultural heritage value or interest under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act (an individual property designation). Properties are designated under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act and rated as having excellent, very good, or good heritage value.

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Township of Tay

Economic development incentives are delivered through the Township of Tay’s Zoning By-law and Development Changes By-law and through policy set by Council; for example:

  • Parking exemptions for small scale start-up businesses in our 3 village cores in Port McNicoll, Victoria Harbour and Waubaushene.
  • As of right permitted uses for Bed & Breakfasts and Home Occupations in residential zones.
  • Reduction of non-residential Township of Tay Development Charges in our 3 village cores and full exemption for industrial uses and farm buildings.
  • Heritage Tax Rebate.

As well, the Tay Shore Trail is a valuable recreation and tourism asset that Council continually promotes as an economic driver by integrating the Trail into land use policy and land use development decisions.

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Township of Tiny

The Township Zoning By-law currently permits the following as of right in certain zones:

  • Home Occupation
  • Home Industry

They are defined in our by-law as:

Means the use of part of a dwelling unit for an occupation or business activity that results in a product or service and which is clearly secondary to the principal use of the dwelling unit.

Means a small-scale industrial use with no show/display room, such as a carpentry shop, a metal working shop, a machine shop, a welding shop, a tool and die shop or an electrical shop that provides services or wares to the rural community and which is an accessory use to an agricultural use or a single detached dwelling. For the purpose of this By-law, the repairing of motor vehicles, mobile homes, trailers, and/or boats are not a home industry.

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