Forte EPS Solutions Inc. is very pleased to announce being awarded the manufacturing contract for E-Deck systems from Legalett Canada Inc.  E-Deck is an EPS concrete forming system used to construct suspended concrete floors.  Founded in 1990 in Cornwall Ontario, Legalett Canada Inc. are also the creators of the widely used GEO-Slab and GEO-Passive insulated slab forming systems.

“E-Deck was developed to create a more efficient and builder-friendly way of erecting a suspended insulated concrete floor”, said Joshua Teixeira, CEO of Legalett Canada Inc. “Manufacturers of these types of floors have been around for over 20 years which has given us the opportunity to see areas where improvements could be made, helping shape the overall design.”

Ken Williams, Sales Manager for Legalett Canada Inc., said that “The unique benefits of the E-Deck system are an integrated mesh support track that also helps seal against concrete bleed water drip and an integrated rebar chair. These little extras, which set us aside from all other companies, are made from what would normally be scrap EPS so it was decided to include them at no additional cost to the customer. Additionally, we developed an accessory line of products never before available for a suspended slab form system. Our combination PEX/Mesh support track for use with hydronic radiant PEX heating pipe, as well as “Beaver Tail” shear forms which can eliminate the need for shear stirrups in spans up to 34’ increase job site efficiency.“

Ken further went on to say that “Having Forte EPS Solutions manufacturing E-Deck centrally located in Ontario brings the best ICF Flooring system to-date close to all Ontario customers. This will cut the landed cost of an insulated floor at local levels and make for fast delivery turnaround. Typically 5-7 days is all that is required once an order is received.”

Forte EPS Solutions Inc. manufacturing facility is located on Highway 12 in Midland, Ontario.