From their beginnings in a home garage in Alberta to thousands of installations across the globe, Keebee Play is a true example of how North Simcoe is the perfect place to find your work/life balance.

Marc Kanik started out as a commercial contractor and saw the need for play areas in medical offices and retail settings. Once his first piece of modular play equipment was placed in the Calgary Airport, business began to soar. The 2007 recession hit Alberta hard and Marc began to search for a new home base that could supply a labour force and opportunities for his growing company.

Marc’s fond childhood memories of the family cottage at Cawaja Beach lead him back to North Simcoe where Keebee Play has been rebuilt and reimagined. Their Ambient Activity Technologies division now provides tools for dementia patients and their caregivers, with placements in over 70 locations and partnerships with major research and academic institutions.

With the nearly endless opportunities for year-round outdoor recreation and a thriving musical community, Marc says that North Simcoe is the perfect place for conducting business AND enjoying yourself!

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