Lafontaine’s Festival du Loup was awarded the Meute culturelle for its storytelling evening.

In 2003, the Centre franco-ontarien de folklore (CFOF) established an annual special award called “Le Billochet du jongleur” to honour persons or groups promoting Franco-Ontarian culture and history using oral traditions. In former days, pioneers would pull up a log, sit around the fire and tell stories or recount events of the past as a form of entertainment.

The “billochet” part refers to the log or stump on which the official lumber camp storyteller sat. He had the privilege of telling his story. The “jongleur” is a metaphor for “jongleur d’idées,” the idea juggler or storyteller.

In the past, La Meute culturelle de Lafontaine has extended the Festival du Loup by adding an evening for storytelling. The art of storytelling has been part of the Franco-Ontarian tradition of transmitting history and culture of times before television and radio.

This year, the Festival du Loup’s storytelling event was recognized with the award.

The 16th edition of Festival du Loup — a celebration of French language, culture and music — will take place at Lafontaine Park and the Robert Robitaille Pavillion in Lafontaine, from July 11 to 13.