This year’s Ontario’s Best Butter Tart Festival drew between 65,000 and 70,000 visitors and generated approximately $3.8 million for the Simcoe County economy.

“It is good to see this event is doing so well,” said Mayor Gord McKay.

The June 9 festival saw more than 150,000 butter tarts sold over the course of nine hours.

As for the contest, 65 bakers and bakeries submitted 93 different tarts for the contest. The majority, 90 per cent, of those bakers were from beyond a 50-kilometre radius.

There were 174 vendors and food trucks, 30 per cent of which were new to the event.

“When we talk about the butter tart festival, we tend to think about that one,” said Coun. Glen Canning. “The effects of the butter tart festival go well beyond that day. I have visitors into the (Elegant Gourmet) on a daily basis that have heard of Midland because of the festival, and it gave them the idea to come here and visit.”

The event cost $92,528 to put on, but generated $124,993. The remaining $32,465 will be carried forward in the festival reserve fund.

Work for next year’s festival is already underway. It is set for June 8, 2019.