One year after spending $10.57 million to overhaul Penetanguishene’s Main Street, municipal staff and councillors have turned their attention to improving the overall look and feel of the downtown.

“I want people to be proud of the downtown again,” said Councillor Jess Klug. “The downtown is a place we all want to see thrive. We want to walk and enjoy it. We want there to be options for shopping and entertainment.”

On November 25, the town began work on a downtown community improvement plan. A kickoff event, which consisted of a brief presentation followed by a walking tour of the downtown, had more than 20 attendees.

“For a planning project to garner that much interest is exciting,” said Klug.

A community improvement plan is one of the tools available to municipalities to revitalize and enhance particular areas within the community. It enables the use of financial incentives to stimulate shared investments between the town and property owners for the renewal of properties.

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