This week Nate interviews Natalie Dusome, another dynamic female entrepreneur from North Simcoe. Natalie has had a passion for fashion since she was 16; it has allowed her to shape a very successful business and create a very exciting life. She has been all over the world for fashion. She has worked in many fashion districts, in many cities, including New York right next to 5th Avenue. She has even slayed some dragons along the way! Successfully closing 6 deals after appearing on the “Dragon’s Den” on CBC. After all of that she has come home to live, work and thrive right here in North Simcoe!

EDCNS is about growth, attraction and investment. We are committing a significant amount of energy to tell the story of the many successful business people who have chosen to call North Simcoe home. Through many more exciting and interesting stories like this one, we will feature people enjoying themselves in North Simcoe: visiting, living and establishing their business. We Live It, You’ll Love It!