Logo Usage Guidelines

The following guide outlines proper usage of the EDCNS logo to maintain consistent representation of the brand. Whenever possible, the logo should be used in colour. Make sure you use the right version for dark and light coloured backgrounds. Please consult the proper and improper use section below to learn more. Do not deconstruct, alter or change the logo or any of its versions. They must be used as provided and must never be modified or altered in any way with the exception of scale. The acronym and the wordmark should never be used alone or paired with anything other than each other.



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Logo Versions

Whenever possible, the logo should appear in its full-colour version.

Primary logo/full colour

Reverse logo/white

One colour/black

Alternate version

Colour Breakdown

When reproducing the logo in any medium, the following colour specifications must be adhered to.

Proper Sizing

The logo must be reproduced at an appropriate size to maintain legibility. As a standard measure, the EDCNS letters should be a minimum of 0.3 inch high.

Clear Space

A standard measure of space must be maintained around the logo. The standard will be established by using the height of the full company name.

Improper Usage

In order to maintain brand equity and consistency, alterations and modifications to the logo are not permitted.

do not use dropshadows

do not unstack the logo

do not scale the logo below minimum size

do not apply colour

do not display the acronym without the wordmark

do not display the wordmark without the acronym

do not stretch the logo

do not compress the logo

do not alter with other fonts

do not alter or scale logo elements

do not screen or apply transparencies

do not place on busy backgrounds