Midland, Ontario, September 28, 2017 — STREIT Manufacturing Inc., a multinational armored vehicle manufacturer selects North Simcoe for Canadian operations. “It is a tremendous statement of good faith and the future of this area given to us by an international manufacturer,” said Midland Mayor Gord McKay.

On September 28, 2017 the four Mayors (Midland Mayor Gord McKay, Penetanguishene Mayor Gerry Marshall, Tay Mayor Scott Warnock, Tiny Mayor George Cornell) welcomed the Canadian head office of STREIT Manufacturing Inc. to North Simcoe.

In addition to the Economic Development Corporation of North Simcoe, businesses in the company’s supply chain provided a warm welcome: Bourgeois Motors, Fred Hook Ltd., North Simcoe Tool, Weber Manufacturing Technologies Inc. and ZF TRW.

STREIT Manufacturing Inc. excels at delivering value and quality to their clients as an innovative and dynamic armored car company that meets and exceeds the world’s growing demand for security.

The privately-owned company was first established in Canada in 1992. In addition to the Canadian plant in Midland, Ontario they have 12 production plants worldwide and 25 offices. The expectation is 70 to 120 additional jobs will be created in North Simcoe when fully operational. STREIT Manufacturing also plans to expand the North Simcoe location creating a ballistic glass division.

Florin Fleseriu commented the choice of North Simcoe was “we were looking for an area where we can expand and grow according to our market needs.”

For further information on STREIT Manufacturing Inc. contact Florin Fleseriu:

STREIT Manufacturing Inc.
111 Pillsbury Drive
Midland, ON L4R 4L3