Board of Directors

The Board of Directors serves as the governing body of EDCNS, and is the legal custodian of its assets.

The Board makes policy and planning decisions to advance the Vision, Mission and Objectives of EDCNS with respect to the economic health and prosperity of the community, and is responsible to assist in effective governance of the organization.

A Board Director is expected to be fully informed on organizational matters and engage in the Board’s deliberations and decisions on matters of policy, finance, programs, advocacy and personnel.


Chair & Community Representative

Allex Laurin →

Vice-Chair & Community Representative

Mark Losch, Board Director

Mark Losch →

Secretary/Treasurer & Community Representative

Suzanne McCrimmon, EDCNS Executive Director

Suzanne McCrimmon →

Executive Director

Mandy Branham

Mandy Branham →

Community Representative

Ema Canadic

Ema Canadic →

Community Representative

Cher Cunningham

Cllr Cher Cunningham →

Town of Midland Representative

Robyn Glassier

Robyn Glassier →

Community Representative

Councillor Cindy Hastings

Cllr Cindy Hastings →

Township of Tiny Representative

Deputy Mayor Gerard LaChapelle →

Township of Tay Representative

Paul Marchildon

Paul Marchildon →

Community Representative

Debbie Levy

Cllr Debbie Levy →

Town of Penetanguishene Representative

Ted Salisbury →

Community Representative

Adrian Sauvageot

Adrian Sauvageot →

Community Representative

Trisha Walton →

Community Representative

Board Member Roles and Responsibilities

Composition of the Board

The Board is comprised of no less than twelve (12) and no more than fourteen (14) Directors as follows:

Term of Office

Municipal representatives serve a term of no more than four years to coincide with their respective term of office on Council. CAO’s serve a term of four years or as otherwise directed by their respective Council. Other Board Directors generally serve an initial term of two years or three years up to a maximum of 9 years. However, this may be varied from one to three years in order to stagger the terms of Directors so that the Board is replenished on a rolling basis.