Reports and Studies

Agriculture and Agri-Food BR+E Study 2018

Southern Georgian Bay Association of REALTORS®  — A Vision for Prosperity

November 2018

North Simcoe Data Report 2018

EDCNS created a version of the County of Simcoe individual municipal data reports corresponding with the Statistics Canada Census release.

Advanced Manufacturing Sector/Community Profile

Learn about the talent of North Simcoe’s 66 manufacturers and the beauty of the “Heart of Georgian Bay.”

Agriculture and Agri-Food Economic Profile

Discover the value of Agriculture and Agri-Food in North Simcoe.

Invest in North Simcoe: A region of opportunity

Position yourself in the Heart of Georgian Bay… the flourishing community-friendly business hub bordering on the pristine shores of Georgian Bay in North Simcoe.

Creating greater opportunities – Central Ontario

Why Simcoe County? Low Real Estate Costs + Access to Markets + Strong Transportation Network = Growth… the overall growth outlook of the region combined with a strategic location and significant infrastructure advantages make the County of Simcoe attractive for new business investment.

Manufacturing Growth, Innovation and Prosperity for Canada

Manufacturing Growth, Innovation and Prosperity for Canada is an action plan resulting from the input of more than 1,250 Canadian manufacturers and exporters. The plan defines specific recommendations to overcome challenges and create a roadmap for the future of manufacturing, to strengthen its footprint across the country, and to drive growth, innovation, wealth creation and jobs. EDCNS is a supporting partner in the Canadian Manufacturers’ and Exporters (CME) “Industrie 2030” roadmap for Canada’s manufacturing growth, innovation and prosperity.

Skilled Trades Handbook – 2018 Edition

What is an apprentice? What jobs are apprenticeable? How can I become an apprentice? These questions and many more are answered in the 2018 Edition of the Skilled Trades Handbook! Guide courtesy of Centre for Workforce Development (CFWD).

Sustainable Severn Sound

Local Climate Change Action Plan: Regional GHG Summary, 2018

Discover your municipalities’ carbon footprint, and how we can meet the proposed GHG reduction targets of 15% less in municipal operations by 2028, and 6% less across our communities by 2028.

Municipal Sustainability Report Card, 2016

The Municipal Sustainability Report Card is a comparative tool to evaluate the sustainability actions and initiatives in place by our 7 partner municipalities. The Report Card examines municipalities and their operations through the lens of sustainability (social, environmental and economic considerations).

To stay up-to-date on efforts of Sustainable Severn Sound (SSS) and the Sustainability Committee to address the challenge of climate change by reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs) and contributing to the sustainability our region, sign-up for SSS’s Sustainability Bulletin, a monthly e-news featuring achievements by local municipalities, progress in meeting GHG reduction targets and information on available funding and grant programs, by visiting