Town of Midland launches 2023 Budget Survey

The Town of Midland wants to hear from residents on its 2023 Budget. Yesterday the Town launched the 2023 Budget Survey, seeking input from the public on financial matters to help identify key priorities for Council and Staff to consider as part of the 2023 Budget process. 

“Setting the Town’s budget is one of the most important decisions Council makes and this will be one of the first orders of business for our incoming 2022-2026 Council in 2023. Public input will help staff and Council to better understand the community’s priorities for their families, businesses, and our town,” said CFO Lindsay Barron. “The budget is more than just spending tax dollars. It directly affects residents and businesses through the services we provide. This is a vital tool used to identify our community goals not only for next year, but into the future as well. There will be a Public Budget Meeting in January, but the community is encouraged to take advantage of all opportunities including this survey to voice their opinion.”  

The 2023 Budget Survey gives participants the opportunity to voice their opinions on preferred level of service for Town provided programs and services, if they feel taxes should be reduced, increased or other fees introduced, especially given the current 31-year high rate of inflation, and lastly, suggestions on what the Town can do to improve its services. 

The 2023 Draft Operating and Capital Budgets will be presented to Council at the Regular Council Meeting on December 7th, with the full draft budget document available to the public on December 8th. The 2023 Budget review will continue throughout January with budget request presentations by Town-supported Agencies, Boards and Commissions; the public budget meeting; and debate, leading to adoption of the 2023 Operating and Capital Budgets in late January 2023. 

Results from the 2023 Budget Survey will be considered during the staff and Council draft budget review period in January 2023 to arrive at an approved 2023 Budget. 

To participate in the survey, please visit:  

The 2023 Budget Survey is open until end-of-day on Friday November 25, 2022. 



Town of Midland launches 2023 Budget Survey