PRESS RELEASE – Downtown Midland Business Improvement Area (BIA) Launches Digital Improvement/Marketing Grant to Help BIA Members During COVID-19

The Downtown Midland Business Improvement Area (BIA) is pleased to introduce a new Digital Improvement/Marketing Grant to assist business owners within the BIA during COVID-19 to create/update online stores, create/update websites, outsource social media management, and run social media advertising campaigns.

Improvements/marketing requested by a business owner will be considered, and with BIA approval, the business owner will receive a grant. Business owners within the BIA can apply to receive a maximum of $500 for eligible work. No funds need to be matched; payment will be made by the Downtown Midland BIA upon proof of payment.

Application forms must be submitted, once the Downtown Midland BIA approves submitted applications and funding, work may commence. Applications may only be submitted once for projects (1 per business owner/business – no exceptions). $10,000 is available for approved projects submitted from applicants until further notice. Funding is generally available on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority may be given to urgently needed improvements.

Associate members of the Downtown Midland BIA are eligible to apply for funding.

Business owners may use the developer of their choice.

The Downtown Midland Business Improvement Area is delighted to initiate this program to assist its members during COVID-19!

Details can be found at: