Launch of new app Transit improves rider experience with real-time bus tracking, trip planning and more

Mid-Pen Transit

A new app, called Transit, is making the Midland and Penetanguishene public transit user experience better. The free mobility app provides riders with real-time information about their bus – including arrival times, exact location and information about delays or changes.

Transit also helps riders with trip planning, so they know when and where to get the right bus to their destination. Transit is available to download for iPhone and Android at or visiting the Transit page at either or

“With the launch of Transit, we’re able to provide our customers with convenient, real-time information about their bus rides and routes,” says Stewart Strathearn, Mayor of Town of Midland. “Transit gives our riders the information they need, when they need it. It’s a ‘Win-Win’ – an innovative solution that is free for users and for the municipalities.”

Mid-Pen Transit Service looks for innovative ways to improve the rider experience. While researching, they found a Canadian company offering Transit, the leading transport app in North AmericaA few months later, they had set up the vehicle tracking and mapping readying the app for Mid-Pen Transit users. Over the coming months, even more helpful features may be added.

“If you’ve ever waited and wondered when your bus would arrive or if it was running late, you’ll understand why we are so excited about launching Transit,” says Jim Reichheld, Supervisor of Fleet, Facilities & Asset Management. The app provides the opportunity for us to make real-time insights available to our transit users. No more waiting and wondering. Just use the app and you’ll know.”

“The Transit App will be a game changer for the Mid-Pen Transit ridership experience that will enhance the connectivity between our system and those throughout Simcoe County,” says Bryan Murray, Director of Public Works.

“We are thrilled to introduce a digital app that our transit community can utilize and are confident that this new technology integration will enable riders to travel more conveniently than ever before” said Mayor Doug Leroux, Town of Penetanguishene.

Upon launching the app, Mid-Pen Transit riders will see nearby options and departure times in big text and bright colours. Users can easily navigate the region, aided by accurate real-time bus Expected Times of Arrival or ETAs, trip planning, step-by-step navigation, and crowdsourced real-time information with Transit’s GO feature.

By endorsing Transit as its official app, Mid-Pen Transit Service joins hundreds of other public transit agencies across North America that have partnered with the app. Transit counts millions of active users in more than 200 cities worldwide, and is now available for Mid-Pen Transit Service riders.

For additional information and an instructional video, users may visit the Transit page at either or

For more details, please contact:

Carmen Gignac
705-549-7453 ext. 110


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Launch of new app Transit improves rider experience with real-time bus tracking, trip planning and more