Maple syrup ‘right up there with hockey, apples and good beer’

Most people only know to use maple syrup on pancakes. They need to meet Tracy Nadeau.

The founder and co-owner of Everything Maple & More creates 240 homemade products out of maple syrup – for a total of 22,000 bottles of product a year from her Tay Township property.

“Every product here is 30-90 per cent maple syrup. There is not another company in the world where their whole product line is 30-90 per cent maple syrup,” Nadeau said.

She goes through approximately twenty-five 50-gallon drums of maple syrup a year. With that, she makes 60 types of jams, 18 salad dressings, nine barbecue sauces and nine balsamics.

“Then we do really funky stuff like maple horseradish and peach habanero jelly,” said Nadeau. []