The device, called the Puro, uses ozone gas to kill bacteria.

Magna Techform is in the process of retooling its operation in order to start mass production of a device which can be used to disinfect masks and other personal protective equipment.

Magna International Inc. had developed a device, called the Puro, for commercial and consumer years ago. Roughly the size of a picnic cooler, the Puro uses ozone gas to disinfect and deodorize anything that is not easily laundered.

Magna Puro


“At the time, we felt there was a market for a device you could use to kill bacteria and smells on items you can’t put in a washing machine,” said John O’Hara, president of Magna Mechatronics.

Although a few prototypes had been engineering, designed and produced, the product had been shelved until recently. []