Frustrated by slow internet in Tiny Township? Council working to increase and enhance broadband services


Nearly 70 per cent of properties in Tiny Township don’t have access to the basic internet service levels set out by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission — the other 30 per cent don’t have any internet access at all.

“We recognize that we have some unserved and underserved areas in Tiny,” said Mayor George Cornell. “We’ve got a number of projects going on to try and increase the level of service, the affordability of service and reliability of service.”

On February 10, council successfully approved an agreement with Bell Mobility Inc. to place a new telecommunications tower off Concession Road 9 West.

At that same meeting, they received a pitch from Viasat asking to lease land on Concession Road 15 East for the creation of a ground-mounted satellite antenna to increase local access to satellite internet. []